Earn Extra TastiRewards Points!

Share your Tasti experience with friends and followers and get extra points toward free Tasti.

How does it work?

Register your Tasti TreatCard online and opt-in to enable your account to update your Twitter status on your behalf or automatically check you in on Foursquare every time you make a qualifying purchase at a participating Tasti D-Lite center. You'll earn 1 point per purchase for each social network connection you set up. The secure interfaces provided by Twitter and Foursquare allow the myTasti.com application to post messages on your behalf without storing your personal account information.


What will your message say?

Well, that depends. You can select from a bunch of fun options or go with the default message. The software will select one at random from those that you pre-authorized each time a loyalty transaction is completed. If you don't select any messages, a default message will be sent. For example: “I just earned 5 TastiRewards points at Tasti D-Lite Columbus Circle, NYC! http://myTasti.com.”

Got ideas for more creative message options? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you.



Are these social network connections optional?
Of course. If you wish to try it out, you can disconnect at any time by logging into your myTasti.com account.

Is it secure?

We do not store or have access to your account information. Our site will redirect you to Twitter or Foursquare so you can authorize the connection to myTasti.com. Once you are returned to the site, the setup is complete. The myTasti.com site uses the recommended application programming interfaces (API's) of each social network.

Is it free?

Absolutely, there is no cost or purchase necessary to begin participating in the TastiRewards program. Read the terms and conditions for full program information.

Where do I get a TastiRewards TreatCard?

Check with your nearest Tasti D-Lite location.